Fascinating, intensive, addictive – blog love for “Who’s that boy”

My new single “Who’s that boy” received some sweet blog love during the past week.

FizzyPop reviewed the single, calling it “Fascinating, intensive, addictive”. This is what he has to say about the song:

“It’s all quite pure pop until a more trippy, off-kilter beat & electro enhanced chorus provides a juxtaposition of sound that mirrors the intriguing lyrical hook of ‘who’s that boy on the dancefloor’.” Read the whole review here.

C├ęsar, from caesarlivenloud.com, features the single on his website and calls it an excellent dance track. Visit the site here.

Also, Swedish Being Blogged has posted the song on his site. Being Blogged is also part of an excellent remix duo, and reveals that there is a remix of my recent single “Where were you last night” coming up. Exciting!

“Who’s that boy” is available on iTunes and on Amazon.com.


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