New single breaks through in Australia

WhenTheMusicDies_JonasOakland_webLast Monday I released my new single When the music dies (it’s available in iTunes, go get it now!), and the reactions have been great! There’s been many happy shout-outs on Twitter, several blogs have posted reviews of the song AND it has made it to the radio!

Especially the Aussies seem to have fallen in love with tune. In fact, it has gotten somewhat of a break-through Down Under!

One of the first blogs to pick up the song was auspOp who was happy that Australians can get their grubby pop mitts on it, thanks to the worldwide iTunes release.

Then the wonderful blog SparklyPrettyBriiiight run by the equally wonderful Andrew from Sydney pointed the spotlights on the song in a spot on analysis of the song.

As if that wasn’t enough – my friends at STR8OUTradio, Melbourne’s dance station #1, put the song on heavy rotation! The best part is that you can tune in online at

The song has also been picked up by JOY 94.9, adding it to the weekday playlist! The station is an independent voice for the diverse lesbian and gay communities listened to by 216,000 people in Melbourne and more online.

I also had a really nice chat over the phone with the radio hosts Leo and Johno, about the new single and about being an independent artist. Tune in to “Friday Morning Show” on Friday 25 Jan from 9am (11pa 24 Jan CET) and to “Sound Museum”, on Wednesday 30 Jan at 9pm (11am Wed 30 Jan CET) on JOY 94.9 to hear the result!


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