Jonas Oakland is a self-made electro pop artist and songwriter with his mind set on becoming a regular fixture on the established club/pop scene.

Jonas, based in Sweden, recently released  “What Happens on the Dancefloor” – a dancepop track heavy on synth hooks and instant melodies, calling for a night out in the club.

“My idea was to create a more rough sound, like Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’ or Lady Gaga’s ‘Sheiße’, something I haven’t done before. The song is about letting loose and not caring about the consequences. It’s like a free haven where everything goes and when all is back to normal you all have this pact that whatever happened out there, stays out there“, Jonas Oakland explains.

This is Jonas Oakland’s eighth single. His recent singles ‘When the Music Dies’, ‘Who’s that Boy’ and ‘Where Were You Last Night’ all made it to the Swedish iTunes Dance chart, making him a regular fixture on the independent dance and pop scene. Radio plays in the U.S, Australia, Sweden and Holland have also ramped up his career, giving him listeners worldwide.

Together with the previous releases; ‘Beat Of My Heart’, ‘Stay’, ‘Where I Belong’, and ‘Point Of No Return’, it has earned him a loyal fanbase of online followers.